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From "Torsten Curdt" <>
Subject Re: JCI, JDT and Tomcat/JBoss
Date Tue, 18 Jul 2006 09:03:28 GMT
> I've been having some issues lately with JBoss Rules running inside JBoss AS. JBoss Rules
uses JCI as backend for compiling the rules.
> The JDT plugin for JCI is compiled against the version 3.2 of JDT but JBoss and Tomcat
contain version 3.1 of JDT.

Sure no change is needed? Strange it does not work with the compiled
jci module then :-/ I've already talked with Mark about his ...we
might need a dedicated 3.1 module then. But I first I'd like to find
out why exactly.

What error did you get?

> I downloaded all the SVN sources from the trunk and I copied and modified the eclipse
project. The modified eclipse project compiles all fine without any source code change with
JDT 3.1 and by using the obtained jar JBoss Rules seems to work fine in JBoss AS.


> I'd be willing to contribute to JCI and to add out of the box compilation with Tomcat
with a plugin.
> Would anyone be interested?

Any help is appreciated...

What do you mean by "out of the box compilation with Tomcat" ? You
mean work out of the box with eclipse 3.1?


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