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From "Torsten Curdt" <>
Subject Re: RE: [JCI] RE: JCI, JDT and Tomcat/JBoss
Date Wed, 19 Jul 2006 08:47:37 GMT
> Concerning the statics, I was referring to the INSTANCE in
> JavaCompilerFactory. The instance has a class cache which could
> potentially lead to non-garbageable stuff.

Well, the usual singleton ...should be alright. But I am not religious
on that one.

> Also concerning the versions, what I did is use the tomcat JDT in the
> maven dependencies. I'm not even 100% if it is a vanilla 3.1 JDT.

Hm... what else should/could it be?

> Btw, what about moving some of the tests into each compiler project?
> This way there wouldn't be any issues having 2 different projects.

We could write abstract compiler tests and then extend (implement)
them in the individual compilers. Sure. At the moment the compiler
bridge code is not tested itself.  What is getting tested is currently
only in core.

...and we are using a compiler implementation to do testing of the
core. (At least at the moment) Which makes things a bit ugly. So the
testing setup is not perfect at the moment ....but I am happy to

The only idea I have is to mock a compiler in core and then do the
real tests in the individual compiler projects ...based on an common
abstract test code.


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