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From Dennis Lundberg <>
Subject Re: [all] maven group ids
Date Sat, 12 Aug 2006 17:52:18 GMT
Oliver Heger wrote:
> Dennis Lundberg wrote:
>> Oliver Heger wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> just wanted to ask if there is already a resolution related to the 
>>> groupIds of commons components.
>>> [configuration] is preparing for the next release. ATM the pom 
>>> defines the new groupId "org.apache.commons". Should we go with that 
>>> (which additional work would this cause?) or would it be better to 
>>> revert to "commons-configuration"?
>>> Thanks
>>> Oliver
>> Everything is set to make the transition to the new groupId. I was 
>> hoping that we could use the upcoming release of configuration as the 
>> first release with the new groupId.
>> I will do the necessary work to relocate this and previous releases of 
>> configuration, once the release has been made, so that the transition 
>> is as transparent as possible to downstream users. More info on what 
>> steps need to be taken can be found here:
> Okay,
> then the release should happen in the normal way with the new groupId, 
> and the relocation comes after that, right?

That's correct.

> That's fine. I will probably publish RC2 in the next days and then, 
> after a while, call out the release vote.

We should have a note about the change of groupId somewhere on the 
configuration site, probably on the start page.

Dennis Lundberg

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