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From Joerg Hohwiller <>
Subject [logging] statement about commons-logging at plexus
Date Thu, 17 Aug 2006 21:08:36 GMT
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Hi there,

you might remember me as the "getChildLogger" and IoC phreak.
I recently discoverd this site:

There you can read about commons-configuration:
or example Spring is promoting terrible things like logging based on
commons-logging, which makes most of the component dependent on an ugly
singleton (IoC is against singletons!) and inevitably leads to incorrect class
loader hierarchies (commons-logging must be in root classloader of the container).

The problem that many people have about commons-logging is that they do not see
that commons-logging is an API and an implementation. And even the
implementation can be used with or without the LogFactory.

My vision is that open-source components can be integrated easily with each
other. This gets really ugly if each component uses a different logger API.
For me commons-logging should be __ THE API __ for logging. A container can use
it's own implementation if he has problems with the implementation you provide.

In this manner I suggest you to push this issue. Put something on your website
to clearify that commons-logging is the most popular API. Then there is an
implementation that now also works with custom CCL magic (e.g. in
servlet-containers, etc.). Describe how simple it is to integrate
commons-logging in container environments where LogFactory is NOT desired.
I do this in my open-source project, too. It is rediculous how simple it is.
Finnaly think again about my proposal of the getChildLogger thing.
You might think it is insane but it would really help if you could just include
the Logger interface that extends Log with the suggested methods in your API jar
- - but implement it nowhere. Of course this would cause lots of questions by
confused users...

If you have further questions or you think it is a good idea to target the IoC
and anti-LogFactory guys on your site and would like me to contribute in any way
do NOT hesitate to let me know :)

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