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From "Jose Juan Montiel" <>
Subject [Re:] connect to ftp server via proxy..
Date Wed, 16 Aug 2006 08:26:22 GMT
Hi Alex,

try with this:

    System.setProperty("socksProxyHost", "7200");
    System.setProperty("socksProxyPort", "");

But remember that all connection under "this JDK" use this proxy socks...
because you are changing system property of your "java virtual machine".

And Rory, don't mind that:

> This wouldn't require a huge amount of extra effort

if takes 8-12 month of new release of JAKARTA COMMONS NET... remember FTPS...
i'm still waiting a new release...

And, under JDK 1.3, i soon see

> how Sun have implemented it for their internal JDK FTP client,

and only works with "anonymous" ftp, because they don't consider pass
@user:passw as we talk, long, long time ago...


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