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From "Phil Steitz" <>
Subject Re: Commons and Maven 2 (Was: VOTE: Migrate commons-fileupload to Maven 2)
Date Sat, 02 Sep 2006 15:13:17 GMT
On 9/2/06, Jochen Wiedmann <> wrote:
> On 9/2/06, Phil Steitz <> wrote:
> > +1 on the move to maven 2, but the site needs to stay consistent with
> > the other commons sites - i.e., if you eliminate navigation.xml, you
> > have to replace it with whatever the m2 equivalent is to get the
> > commons menus.  I think Dennis worked on this a while back, so there
> > should be some docs available on the wiki somewhere.
> Got any pointers?
The wiki page here captures
Dennis' notes.  I am not sure the setup still works since removing the
module dependencies.  You can also look at csv and pipeline in the
sandbox as examples.  The sites now generated by these have the menus,
but do not look right using Firefox, so this is going to need some
work.  Updates to the Wiki page would be appreciated.
> > We also need to definitively settle the artifact naming conventions
> > and think carefully about the impact of relocating the fileupload jar.
> >  Maybe that has been settled and I just can't see it in the archives.
> > Could be we need to revive the thread that looks like it died on this
> > topic. I think what you have in the pom is correct, but we need to
> > agree on the org.apache.commons and commons-foo conventions.  Sorry if
> > I just missed this here or on repository@.
> I admit, that I am not interested in this discussion. Whatever will be
> decided, I'll simply follow. It is a matter of minor edits in the POM.
But potentially major PITA for users, so we need to be careful.  See
Craig's response on other thread.
> > I also agree with Bill that dropping the m1 build immediatlely may
> > break other things that depend on it, so I am not too keen on dropping
> > m1 builds as soon as when we have m2 builds working.  It might be
> > best, if possible, to start using m2 to build the site and as the main
> > build tool (documented on the site), but continue to support m1 for
> > some time as developers (and CI systems) that depend on fileupload
> > migrate to m2.
> Ok, I'll keep the m1 files, but I won't maintain them.
> > You should also inherit from the commons pom, which is now 1-SNAPSHOT.
> >  That will bring in the apache POM.
> I have studied that POM and do have concerns:
> - It defines a resource set with the NOTICE.txt and LICENSE.txt. I understand
>   the rationale, but unfortunately that triggers a bug in the
> maven-source-plugin:
>   It ignores the ínclude/exclude settings when building the source jar. In other
>   words, it attempts to include the source jar, which is currently
> being built ...

I don't get this.  Is there a JIRA ticket for this bug?  This happens
whenever you specify resources?

>   A better approach is using the maven-antrun-plugin to copy these
> files into target/classes.
>   I do not know, whether this can be done in a parent jar. (See
>   for an example.)
>  - How are the profiles "release" and "rc" being activated?

They need to be activated on the command line using -Prelease, -Prc.

>  - These profiles should possible attach the javadoc jar.

That should be possible by adding plugin config to the profile defs.
Feel free to edit / patch.

>  - It would be good to have a release of that pom as soon as possible.

+1 - but we should eliminate any "bugs" such as you have mentioned
above and then vote on it.

> Work can
>    be continued in 2-SNAPSHOT. However, if we haven't got a release (which we
>    can, of course, override), then we cannot use it for releases.

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