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Subject svn commit: r483698 - /jakarta/commons/proper/scxml/trunk/RELEASE-NOTES.txt
Date Thu, 07 Dec 2006 22:16:00 GMT
Author: rahul
Date: Thu Dec  7 14:16:00 2006
New Revision: 483698

v0.6 release notes


Modified: jakarta/commons/proper/scxml/trunk/RELEASE-NOTES.txt
--- jakarta/commons/proper/scxml/trunk/RELEASE-NOTES.txt (original)
+++ jakarta/commons/proper/scxml/trunk/RELEASE-NOTES.txt Thu Dec  7 14:16:00 2006
@@ -16,13 +16,76 @@
-                         Commons  SCXML Package
-                         Version 0.6-SNAPSHOT
+                         Commons SCXML Package
+                             Version 0.6
                             Release Notes
+Commons SCXML 0.6 primarily contains new features, along with a
+handful of bug fixes. See about section below for general information
+on Commons SCXML.
+ o Commons SCXML v0.6 requires Commons Digester v1.8 (mandatory update)
+ o The recommended version of Commons JEXL is now v1.1 and the
+   recommended version of Commons Logging is v1.1
+ o Starting v0.6, all SCXML elements must strictly belong to the
+   correct namespace with the following URI (case sensitive):
+ o The entire Commons SCXML object model as well as the SCXMLExecutor
+   instances are now serializable. This is particularly useful in
+   web environments for session persistence and clustering.
+ o There is improved support for XML namespaces in SCXML documents.
+   Custom actions may be defined in user-specified namespaces.
+ o Deferred XPath expression evaluation, in context of interaction with
+   <data> elements, has improved. It is now possible to use namespace
+   prefixed XPath expressions based on prefixes used in the document.
+ o The SCXMLExecutor instances now provide some element of thread-safety.
+   Firing events on a state machine executor instance or reseting it
+   are synchronized operations. The underlying state machine needs to
+   model any race conditions correctly.
+All deprecations introduced in this version are scheduled for removal in
+v1.0 of the library.
+ o [] The custom digester rules
+   in this class are deprecated. They should not have been part of the
+   public API to begin with.
+ o [org.apache.commons.scxml.ErrorReporter] All String constants in this
+   class have been deprecated. Use constants with the same names in
+   org.apache.commons.scxml.semantics.ErrorConstants instead.
+ o [org.apache.commons.scxml.model.Invoke] The method getParams()
+   returning a java.util.Map has been deprecated. Use the method
+   params() returning a java.util.List instead. See Javadocs for details.
+ o [SCXML-21] Delay is not processed for <send> element with default
+   "targettype".
+ o [SCXML-14] Allow target of a transition to be omitted.
+ o [SCXML-31] <var> and <assign> now log new values.
 The Commons SCXML (State Chart XML) project provides a generic
 state-machine based execution environment. It borrows most semantics
 from its namesake Working Draft at the W3C. Anything that can be
@@ -36,14 +99,3 @@
- o SCXML elements have to be defined in the following namespace
-   (case sensitive):
- o [SCXML-14] Allow target of a transition to be omitted.

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