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From Boris Unckel <>
Subject Re: Introducing commons-skin
Date Sat, 30 Dec 2006 14:56:26 GMT

Dennis Lundberg wrote:
> Boris Unckel wrote:
>> I have tested with:
>> - Firefox on Windows Vista RC1 (my personal reference)
>> - looks fine
>> - Internet Explorer 7 on Windows Vista RC1
>> -- looks fine, except headings (Commons Lang, Development, Project 
>> Documentation, Commons) on the left nav bar are larger than in Firefox
> There is a wellknown IE-bug-workaround in the css, that came along 
> from maven-classic-skin, that might be the cause of this. Perhaps MS 
> has fixed the bug in IE7? Anyway, you should be able to see the same 
> difference in size on this site:
> Can you confirm that?

In IE7 #3 and #5 have the same "problem" with the headings mentioned above.
Next difference is the blue box in #3 (mentioned before in the thread 
and fixed).
There are also minor differences with a very small black line between 
grey "header line" and the white background of the "body": #3 has one, 
#5 has not,
but I like #5 more.
At least in the left nav bar #3 has no lines between the headings, while 
#5 does have lines between them, #5 seems better.


P.S.: These kinds of bugs make me dislike web-frontend development. 
Browser-vendors, Browser-versions, even OS dependent behaviour, did I 
mention the several versions
of (X)HTML/CSS. Thank you for having the patience and knowledge to fix 
these issues.

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