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From C.Grobmeier <>
Subject Commons Parser
Date Wed, 20 Dec 2006 12:51:03 GMT

Hi all,

i am connecting from an Java Appserver to MQ at the moment, and it's the fifth time in my
life that i have to handle character-messages from a host. Usually i implement something static
to interpret what the host tells me:


This String could be read at least like this:

Mandant: HV
Request-Date: 10.10.2006
Substructure count: 3
3 Substructures with  the values: TEST

I handle this quite often with substring() and such stuff but this means i have static javacode
and when the structure changes, i change my code. Does anyone have similar problems sometimes?
If so i wonder why there is no Commons Parser or something like that and if commons would
like to have one.

I would like to have:

Definition d = new Definition();
// first is the name, then the length
d.addField("mandant", 2);

new Parser().parse(String message, Definition d);
i would like to get an OrderedMap or something like that.

or something like that. This would it make easier to handle those streams. I don't have a
implementation yet but i am thinking about making one and would like to know if somebody uses
an existing lib for this (i didn't find one) and if this would be cool stuff for commons.


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