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From "Ben Speakmon" <>
Subject Re: [email] Status and JIRA breakdown
Date Thu, 01 Feb 2007 18:34:02 GMT
On 1/31/07, Henri Yandell <> wrote:

> > > 1 bug: HTML Emails with images don't display in Outlook 2000
> > > (

> I've left a comment on that issue previously about the initial patch,
> and I'm not sure if the second patch provides all that is needed to
> fix the issue (anyone tested it?)

Unfortunately (or is that fortunately?), I don't have access to Outlook 2000.

> > > 2 features: adding SSL support and generating Email objects from
> > > InputStreams or Strings (both of which seem useful)

> Yep, these seem useful - I'll look at them now.

> > +1 to 1.4/1.1 and +1 to small improvements rather than any big rethinks.
> >
> > In your opinion - should all the issues be fixed for 1.1? Or should
> > some be wontfix'd or aren't worth the effort?

I think that all of the currently open issues are either bugs in
existing functionality or worthwhile and simple enhancements that
don't break source compatibility. Both categories sound like the kind
of thing that should go into a point release, so at the moment I say
they should all go into 1.1.

> Let's get a 1.1 plan happening.

I'd be happy to help with this as well.

Also, I did turn up one more important bit of info: jaf 1.1 and
javamail 1.4 require at least Java 1.4, so committing to those
dependencies means that a commons-email 1.1 wouldn't be usable on Java
1.3. Just wanted everyone to be aware :)

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