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From "Jochen Wiedmann" <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] commons-fileupload 1.2 (rc2)
Date Mon, 05 Feb 2007 08:02:33 GMT
On 2/5/07, Henri Yandell <> wrote:

> * No zip file for the -src.

Ok, added zip file generation to the source assembly.

> * The tar.gz doesn't open into *-src/ directory.

That wasn't the case for the previous fileupload releases. Why change it?

> * Unable to find your key so I can verify the pgp.

See, for example,

You are right, of course, that an entry must be added to the KEYS file.

> Jars were built by Plexus, so does that mean this is a Maven2 release?


> Do we have a plan for how we'll do that?

What's the deal?

> I'm thinking:
> * Change group id?

Couldn't we do that *after* the release, please? I would clearly
prefer *not* to introduce any incompatible changes in that stage.

> * How do we build a 2.0 release and vote on that rather than voting on
> the release manager's ability to do a release? Is there a way to
> deploy known files to an m2 repository rather than having to rebuild?

I never intended to publish the exact distributables that we voted on.
For example, I never intented to change version numbers within the
binary distributables from 1.2rc2 to 1.2. How do others do that?

Afar from that, I never intended to use the release manager. To be
honest, I never got it working. I was thinking along the lines of

    mvn -Drelease clean install site assembly:assembly deploy

Which is (apart from the "deploy") exactly what I did to build the
current files.

If you insist, I can omit the "deploy" and do the deployment manually.
(In other words, omit rebuilding the files.) That said, I spent a lot
of time in an automatic build exactly for *not* requiring any manual
interventions, because I trust my build system more than myself.

> * How much of the release code can be shared - I can see stuff in the
> pom.xml, can that stuff be in the parent pom?

Yes, but my clear intention was *not* to wait for a release of
commons-parent again (I already did so last year for several months),
rather than learning from this release and then move the stuff up
later. (Note, that I did all changes in a branch, to allow me for
careful integration into either trunk or commons-parent later.)


How fast can a year go? As fast as your childs first year.

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