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From Dain Sundstrom <>
Subject [DBCP] Release 1.3 soon?
Date Fri, 20 Jul 2007 00:46:15 GMT
Are there any DBCP-1.3 release plans?  Based on the JIRAs I think we  
are close to being ready to release.  Are there any items that are  
planned but don't have JIRAs?


Here are some open JIRAs I think we can close:

DBCP-194 BasicDataSource.setLogWriter should not do createDataSource
DBCP-102 setReadOnly & setAutoCommit called too many times
DBCP-97 setAutoCommit(true) when returning connection to the pool
DBCP-212 PoolingDataSource closes physical connections

DBCP-209 Is DataSource.getConnection(user, pass) working the way it  
is suppose to?
User should be using either SharedPoolDataSource or the  
DBCP-53 commons dbcp does not supports Firebird DB
Torque bug or misconfiguration by user.

Won't fix
DBCP-115 allow to set >= 6 parameters to do non-global SSL
Request for mysql specific feature
DBCP-152 add a socketFactory attribute to BasicDataSource (to allow  
SSL "thread"-safe)
Request for mysql specific feature

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