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From "Henri Yandell" <>
Subject Re: [EL] Stylistic changes (was: svn commit: r565581)
Date Fri, 17 Aug 2007 23:31:04 GMT
On 8/17/07, Dennis Lundberg <> wrote:
> The topic of code style pops up every now and then on this list. Do you

We can't even agree on <p> tags in javadoc :)

Why should I, someone who writes web pages sometimes, write bad HTML
to join the consensus (well, 2 other opinions) that prefers sloppy
HTML? It's habit forming.

> think that we are ready to create an Apache Commons code style now? I

We have one - in the following order:

**** No tabs.
**** Adhere to the file's existing convention.
**** 120 char width files.
**** Adhere to the Java convention.

There are a few other bits that 'would be nice'.

* A standard name for JUnit test files (get rid of the's).
* One build system (ain't going to happen is it?).
* Standard build system (ie: Use M2, dump M1 and keep the Ant minimal
- with Use Ant, and a minimal M2 for projects which M2 can't support).

> hope that we could. It would be a sign of maturity I think. That we have
> grown up. Now I know people get religious when it comes to code style,
> but wouldn't it be better if we could focus on the meaning of the code
> instead of its style? I am willing to help get the necessary support
> resources in place.
> Over at Maven we have one Checkstyle configuration file for all of
> Maven, plus configuration files for Eclipse and IDEA to help achieve
> this. Just press the keyboard shortcut to format the code from within
> your IDE before you commit and you're done. During my time there I have
> yet to see a debate regarding code style.

We've got checkstyle running around enough that maybe the solution is
to just go look at the checkstyles in question and start merging them.
Anyone running checkstyle from vim btw? Presumably I can run it
without having to build the website once we're all on maven2?

For things like EL - we've a lot of leeway for refactoring. Assuming
it's the same as the JSTL formatting, it's not a style I like dealing


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