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From "Phil Steitz" <>
Subject [all][poll] How should nigthlies / CI work?
Date Sat, 25 Aug 2007 05:54:51 GMT
Continuum works differently from the old bash script in a couple of
ways.  First, it only executes builds when svn changes have happened.
So if there are no changes, there will be no "nightly build" for a
component.  It also looks for changes and executes builds hourly, so
there can be multiple builds in a given day.

We need to decide what we jars we publish to the snapshot repo on and what zips/tarballs we make available on the
"nightlies" page.  Seems to me we have two choices.

1. Publish only the latest successful build (with build number and
date in the metadata but only commons-foo-x.y.z-SNAPSHOT.jar as the
jar name) and do the same with the zips/tarballs (only one is
available at a given time)
2. Publish jars with uniqueVersion=true, so they are each named
differently and keep a fixed number of them around, say 5.  Similarly
for the zips/tarballs.

I think 1 is simpler and will be easier to maintain (no cron cleanups
necessary), but we could get 2. to work if others feel strongly that
we should be maintaining a stack of successful builds.  Thoughts?

To get the zips/tarballs to work, components need to get m2 assemblies
defined for all of the components.


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