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From Luc Maisonobe <>
Subject Re: [math] Release planning, IOC-friendlyness
Date Sun, 02 Sep 2007 18:48:31 GMT
On 2007-05-15, Phil Steitz wrote:

> I agree.  So, probably best is to deprecate the current abstract
> factories and move to single concrete factories with impl setters for
> IOC support.  The concrete factories exist already, so it may just be
> a matter of deprecation and possibly renaming some things.  Here
> again, we could deprecate in 1.2, remove in 2.0.  Lets step back and
> reexamine the overall setup and introduce a better approach. All ideas
> / suggestions welcome.  Consistency is important, though, so whatever
> we decide on, lets be consistent in distributions, solvers, etc.

I am working on a new UnknownDistributionChiSquareTest interface
concerning issue, and I
have to find the proper way to create instances. We talk about factories
and deprecation, and I think there are still issues.

I think deprecating the abstract factories and using only the concrete
implementations would not be wise, it seems strange to have a
non-deprecated class extend a deprecated one. We should better remove
the "abstract" qualifier and simply push the concrete code up. Then we
can add the setters in these single factories for IOC concerns. The
current XxxFactoryImpl classes would then become empty and would be
deprecated. Does this seem sensible to everybody ?


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