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From Bill Venners <>
Subject Selecting Package Names
Date Mon, 29 Oct 2007 23:00:08 GMT

I just now joined this list to ask a question. I apologize to the  
extent it is off-topic, but I didn't know how else to reach someone  
involved with Apache Commons who would know the answer.

When someone proposes a new API for Apache Commons, what are the  
rules about acceptance and package naming? It looks like APIs in the  
sandbox are allowed to have the package names that you'd want them to  
ultimately have if they are approved. Is that correct? If so, doesn't  
that mean the package name is burned forever if it ends up getting  
moved to dormant and abandoned?

Also, I would assume that APIs in sandbox are allowed to make  
breaking changes from release to release, as the APIs there are being  
"tried out." Once they are promoted to commons proper, you would try  
very hard maintain backwards compatibility from release to release?  
Is that correct? I couldn't find anything to that effect on the web  

Lastly, what is the process for letting something into the sandbox in  
the first place?

The reason I ask this is there's a nascent project in the Scala  
community that is very similar to Apache Commons. And they are  
debating how to manage it. I figured it would help them to understand  
how other similar projects were managed, to learn from your experience.

I appreciate any insights you may have to offer. Feel free to email  
me privately or on this list.


Bill Venners
Artima, Inc.

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