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From Stephen Kestle <>
Subject Re: [COLLECTIONS] status of 1.5 branch
Date Sun, 28 Oct 2007 22:03:11 GMT

> But can't the library be first moved to a point where one can say the
> new releases will run only on 1.5+ JVM, and then
> gradually/slowly/carefully re-work/generify the internals as necessary
> ?  So at least this won't constrain any new development effort from
> using all the goodies in 1.5+, and yet let the old code co-exist while
> the move to 1.5+ is in progress.
I don't really understand how this is different from what we're doing.  
The generics branch is staying close to head (but only releases - 
updates for the latest version need to be merged in...), and we are 
being very slow (and careful!) in our application of generics to the branch.

Perhaps I'll get in and finish off CollectionUtils after all, and then 
someone should get some nightlies up.  Don't know about everybody else, 
but the CU class is my bread and butter of the package.

But we don't want to "release" until it's done.  Perhaps lots of 
milestones and stable sub-releases/release candidates for download and 
development work, but I want to maintain the apache way of binary 
compatibility (except when major breaks like this one).  Once fully 
released, it's set in stone.

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