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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Apache Commons Board Report, November 2007
Date Mon, 12 Nov 2007 18:54:47 GMT

   Nothing that really requires the board's attention. A quick  
overview of the past month:

   o Question has come up whether commons codec is thread safe
     - request for better documentation
   o More activity on commons jexl
     - roadmap towards 2.0
   o Discussion about moving commons jci fam (file alteration  
monitor) component from jci to io
     - overlap with commons vfs fam
     - no agreement how to move forward yet
     - options
       - keep in jci (already own jar)
       - own component (a bit small)
       - move into io (increases the size of io)
   o Again the question have been brought up about the status of  
commons cli 2.0
     - working but no release
     - little activity
     - cli 1.1 introduced some showstoppers
     - other projects (like groovy) might look into other libraries  
   o Discussion of a generics version of commons collection has been  
brought up again
     - concepts have to be re-evaluated for a generics version


   o No releases (yet)
   o But coming up soon
     - commons configuration 1.5
     - commons logging 1.1.1
     - commons lang 2.4
     - commons parent pom 5


   o Created a pmc area in subversion with
     - board reports
     - tsu report
     - process templates (new committer/new pmc member)


   o New committers
     - Jukka Zitting
   o New PMC member
     - James Carman

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