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From Dennis Lundberg <>
Subject Re: [all] m2 release process
Date Mon, 10 Dec 2007 21:07:14 GMT
Niall Pemberton wrote:
> On Dec 9, 2007 11:02 PM, Niall Pemberton <> wrote:
>> On Dec 9, 2007 2:27 PM, Dennis Lundberg <> wrote:
>>> Niall Pemberton wrote:
>>>> On Dec 9, 2007 1:40 PM, Dennis Lundberg <> wrote:
>>>>> Niall Pemberton wrote:
>>>>>> On Dec 9, 2007 12:42 PM, Dennis Lundberg <>
>>>>>>> Niall Pemberton wrote:
>>>>>>>> On Dec 7, 2007 11:32 PM, Dennis Lundberg <>
>>>>>>>>> Niall Pemberton wrote:
>>>>>>>>>> On Dec 7, 2007 9:01 PM, Dennis Lundberg <>
>>>>>>>>>>> For logging I followed the current release procedure
[1], which worked
>>>>>>>>>>> well. Sections 11 and 12 need to be merged somehow.
As I'm not familiar
>>>>>>>>>>> with releases back in the Jakarta days, I'm not
quite sure how to
>>>>>>>>>>> though. Other than that, it was obvious what
to when the docs talk about
>>>>>>>>>>> Maven 1 specifics. But that's probably just me,
because I'm used to
>>>>>>>>>>> doing releases with Maven 2 over in maven land.
So this needs to be
>>>>>>>>>>> written down.
>>>>>>>>>>> For releases support artifacts that reside only
in the Central repo
>>>>>>>>>>> (parent poms, skin) I have simply done:
>>>>>>>>>>> - vote based on svn revisions
>>>>>>>>>>> - mvn release:prepare
>>>>>>>>>>> - mvn -Prelease release:perform
>>>>>>>>>> OK I found this and was
following that. "mvn
>>>>>>>>>> release:prepare -Prc" works fine but the first time
i did "mvn
>>>>>>>>>> release:perform -Prc" (fogetting -Darguments="-Prc")
and I couldn't
>>>>>>>>>> find where it went and from the logs it looked like
it uploaded it to
>>>>>>>>>> "dummy" - so I undid the prepare and tried again
>>>>>>>>>>    mvn release:perform -Prc -Darguments="-Prc"
>>>>>>>>>> This time it threw a NullPointerException in the
SurefirePlugin(line 594)
>>>>>>>>>> So can I do "mvn -Prelease release:perform" without
having to revert
>>>>>>>>>> the version 2 tag? If so how?
>>>>>>>>> We seriously need to remove the "dummy" repo setting
from the parent
>>>>>>>>> pom. It does nothing but cause grief.
>>>>>>>>> If we remove it, calling 'mvn release:perform will copy
the artifacts to
>>>>>>>>> the snapshot repo if the version is a SNAPSHOT, and to
>>>>>>>>> central-sync-repo if it's a "real" version. We have to
trust ourselves
>>>>>>>>> to call the right commands, not having to remember which
>>>>>>>>> command-line switch to add. Just use Maven the way it
>>>>>>>> OK but using -Prelease should override the deployment repository
>>>>>>>> when you do mvn help:effective-pom -Prelease everything looks
>>>>>>>> Seems that something though is still picking up that dummy
>>>>>>>> though and I'm guessing the -Darguments="-Prelease" that
>>>>>>>> mentions here  is perhaps something
to do
>>>>>>>> with that? But for me that causes the NPE in the surefire
>>>>>>>> Which looks like these:
>>>>>>>> I even tried adding -Dmaven.test.skip=true but it still threw
the NPE.
>>>>>>>> So is there a way round to resolve this with the situation
as it is or
>>>>>>>> does it need a commons-parent release first to remove the
dummy repo?
>>>>>>> I think these problems start if you forget to use the proper
profile in
>>>>>>> the first place, when doing 'mvn release:prepare'. After that
>>>>>>> toast no matter what options you throw at Maven on the command
>>>>>> I don't really understand this - are not both the profiles ("rc"
>>>>>> "release") we have "proper profiles" - just with a different
>>>>>> distribution destination? I tried with both.
>>>>> Yes they are. What I think is needed with our current setup is to do:
>>>>> mvn -Prelease release:prepare
>>>>> mvn -Prelease release:perform
>>>> That was what I tried to do first time - except using the "rc" profile
>>>> (and user and password options) and it appeared to try to deploy to
>>>> "dummy" - thats what seems like a bug in maven to me.
>>>> The second time I tried the above using the "release" profile, but
>>>> with Torsten's suggestion ( of adding
>>>> -Darguments="-Prelease" - that gave the NPE. I don't know what passing
>>>> value "-Prelease" for "arguments" does (btw I also see in the commons
>>>> logging pom the maven-release-plugin has a configuration valeu of
>>>> "-Prelease" for "arguments") but I'm guessing its so that the deploy
>>>> bit picks up the correct profile and doesn't use the "dummy"
>>>> reposotiry specified in the commons-parent distribution voodoo?
>>> The release plugin calls other plugins during its run, amongst them the
>>> deploy plugin. The "arguments" is to pass that to the deploy plugin as
>>> you suspected.
>>> We might need to add a release-plugin configuration for this in a
>>> component or the parent. Need to play around with this a bit.
>> or the profiles?...see below
>>>>> When you do release:prepare maven prepares a pom that is used during
>>>>> release process. A very neat way to see what is *going* to happen is
>>>>> do a simulation, called a "dry run". This runs release:prepare locally
>>>>> without checking in anything in svn. It produces a couple of files
>>>>> locally that represents the different versions that would have been
>>>>> checked in, had it been a real (non-dry run) release. Here is the
>>>>> command, if you want to try it:
>>>>> mvn -Prelease release:prepare -DdryRun=true
>>>>> If you want to clean up the files that were created by the above
>>>>> command, you can run this one. Do NOT run this command on a real release
>>>>> in progress though.
>>>>> mvn release:clean
>>>>>> Clearly you know more about this than me - but from what I could
>>>>>> my attempts to release were frustrated by two maven bugs 1)
>>>>>> incorrectly picking up the "dummy" repository and 2) a NPE when using
>>>>>> "-Darguments". If this is not the case and it was some screw up by
>>>>>> then I'd really like to know which bit a did wrong.
>>>>> 1) is not a maven bug, but rather something we have invented here in
>>>>> commons. That's why I would like to remove it. Maven already handles
>>>>> deployment to the correct place, without the dummy repo config.
>>>> Well I'm still not convinced that maven picking up the "dummy"
>>>> repository when a profile has been specified that overrides it is not
>>>> a maven bug.
>>> Fair enough. Do we agree that we should ditch the dummy repo from
>>> commons-parent?
>> As a change in isolation that would seem like a bad idea. From where I
>> sit the dummy repo is sympton of the problem rather than cause - the
>> real issue being why the deployment step doesn't pick up the correct
>> repo from the profile being used.
>> Wouldn't it be better to configure the maven-release-plugin in the
>> "rc" profile with an "arguments" value of "-Prc" and in the "release"
>> profile with  an "arguments" value of "-Prelease"?
>>>>> 2) I managed to work around this, without a need to upgrade to
>>>>> commons-parent-6-SNAPSHOT. Unfortunately svn seems to be down currently
>>>>> With the changes I have locally right now, I'm able to produce a jar
>>>>> file with automatic insertion of license and notice files. The manual
>>>>> files you added to src/main/resources/ are not needed for this to work.
>>>> Is not having the LICENSE and NOTICE files added simpler? I don't know
>>>> how the remote resources plugin works - and I couldn't see anything in
>>>> the logging pom where that was configured. But a couple of static
>>>> files rather than more maven configuration voodoo seems simpler to me.
>>> This is configured in commons-parent-5 in the "rc" and "release"
>>> profiles, so you don't need to do *anything* in a component. The plugin
>>> is specifically for making sure that all artifacts include mandatory
>>> organization resources. The ASF has a special resourceBundle that
>>> includes the appropriate licensing files.
>> OK that didn't happen either when I did the release (but it does if I
>> do mvn -Prc package) - so perhaps this is the same kind of issue - you
>> need to pass an "arguments" value specifying the profile - otherwise
>> when the remote resources plugin gets called its also no operating on
>> the correct profile?
>> I'll remove the license and notice files I added and see if I can
>> stage the commons-skin using the "rc" profile - it should now work
>> with arguments="-Prc" now that you've added -Dmaven.test.skip=true to
>> the commons-skin pom
> Another thought - since all of our components already have license and
> notice files this will mean that we'll now have jars produced with
> duplicate license/notice files. I just tried running "mvn -Prc
> package" for Validator - the standard and sources jars produced both
> had duplicate license/notice files (javadoc jar had none). Also the
> generated notice file says it uses beanutils and oro "developed by an
> unknown organization" which doesn't look too great.

I believe that the notice content is picked up from the meta data in the 
repository, but I'm not sure. So this will get better as time passes and 
new releases with better meta data are available.

> Niall
>> Niall
>>>            <plugin>
>>>              <groupId>org.apache.maven.plugins</groupId>
>>>              <artifactId>maven-remote-resources-plugin</artifactId>
>>>              <executions>
>>>                <execution>
>>>                  <goals>
>>>                    <goal>process</goal>
>>>                  </goals>
>>>                  <configuration>
>>>                    <resourceBundles>
>>> <resourceBundle>org.apache:apache-jar-resource-bundle:1.3</resourceBundle>
>>>                    </resourceBundles>
>>>                  </configuration>
>>>                </execution>
>>>              </executions>
>>>            </plugin>
>>>> Niall
>>>>>> Niall
>>>>>>> I'll have a look at the skin to see if I can resolve this.
>>>>>>>> Niall
>>>>>>>>>> Niall
>>>>>>>>>>> I'd be happy to help write some more docs for
this. We can borrow some
>>>>>>>>>>> parts from Maven's own release processes, the
old [2] and the new [3].
>>>>>>>>>>> How do we want to structure the docs?
>>>>>>>>>>> 1. One document that includes all releases, whether
it's Ant, Maven 1 or
>>>>>>>>>>> Maven 2
>>>>>>>>>>> 2. Separate documents depending on which tool
is used to do the release
>>>>>>>>>>> 3. Something else...
>>>>>>>>>>> [1]
>>>>>>>>>>> [2]
>>>>>>>>>>> [3]
>>>>>>>>>>> Niall Pemberton wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>>> I haven't done an m2 release before - do
we have it documented
>>>>>>>>>>>> anywhere or can someone give me some pointers
on what commands and
>>>>>>>>>>>> options I need to use?
>>>>>>>>>>>> tia
>>>>>>>>>>>> Niall
>>>>>>>>>>>> P.S. This is for commons-skin
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Dennis Lundberg

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