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From simon <>
Subject Re: apache commons-* -sources.jar
Date Sat, 02 Feb 2008 23:17:44 GMT

On Sat, 2008-02-02 at 16:09 -0700, Phil Steitz wrote:
> First we have to decide whether this maven repo pushing business
> constititutes a release.  If its us (i.e. ASF and not some third party
> package-maker) who is doing the publication, then I think it does.
> This means we have to VOTE before we do anything.
> I will vote -1 for anything new that we release that does not include
> NOTICE and LICENSE as part of the distribution.  I view source
> distributions as equally - in fact more - important than binaries,
> which are really just a convenience for users, so re-releasing sources
> needs to be done carefully.  This is not legalese, it is appropriate
> PMC oversight and release management.
> Given the hassle of doing this, committing whatever is necessary to
> reproduce the new source releases, review and vote on them, etc; might
> it be better to just publish a script or instructions somewhere on how
> to make an IDE/maven-lovable sources jars from a commons source zip or
> tarball?  That way users could create these themselves from the actual
> source distributions.  Is that unreasonable?

But the data that will be in these jars has already been published.
Nicolas specifically wrote a script that just takes the file we
published in the dist dir and repackages the source code from there as a

It's a minor transformation of existing published info, which for me
doesn't qualify as a "new release".

Everyone is entitled to their own view of course, but for me the PMC is
here to ensure that stuff published is (a) legal, and (b) of reasonable
quality. I don't see how Nicolas' work endangers either of these, as
this is just extracting a subset of stuff we have *already* released,
and then applying a different compression method (jar, not zip).


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