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From Luc Maisonobe <>
Subject Re: [math] xdocs/images versus src/site/resources/images
Date Wed, 06 Feb 2008 23:18:03 GMT
Niall Pemberton a écrit :
> On Feb 6, 2008 1:02 PM,  <> wrote:
>> I have checked in the updated chapter about the estimation package in the user
>> guide. I first tried to add the two UML diagrams as png images in the
>> xdocs.images directory, but maven 2  did not copy them to the generated site. I
>> finally found the generated images directoy came from src/site/resources/images
>> (I finally did not put the images there, but in a new neighbouring directory).
>> So what is the purpose of the xdocs/images directory ? Is it form maven 1 build?
> Yes its for m1.
>> Could we get rid of this directory and move xdocs into src/site since it seems
>> appropriate with maven 2 conventions, adapting the maven.xml file for maven 1
>> builds ?
> You would need to configure m1 to look in the new place for the site
> generation to still work - can't remember how to do that - either in
> project.xml or

I have done the following on my local workspace:

  1) removing the xdocs/images directory
  2) moving xdocs directory in src/site/xdoc (beware of the final
     's' that must be removed)
  3) setting in${basedir}/src/site/xdocs
  4) adding to the <postGoal name="xdoc:copy-resources"> rule
     in maven.xml:
     <copy todir="${}/images">
       <fileset file='${}/../resources/images/**'/>
     <copy todir="${}/userguide">
       <fileset file='${}/../resources/userguide/**'/>

With this, both m1 an m2 generated the site properly from the same xml 
files, the same images, and the same extra user guide resources. They do 
not generate it in the same directory (target/docs vs. target/site), but 
this could also be done simply if really needed thanks to the property. Without any changes, m1 does not generate the 
user guide properly.

I don't know m1 at all, so does this change seems sensible to you experts ?


> Niall
>> Luc
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