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From "Mohammad Nour El-Din" <>
Subject [Sandbox] Committer access request
Date Thu, 27 Mar 2008 15:53:12 GMT
Hi All...

  As per this thread - - I
contacted the development team of Apache Commons Validator - - to discuss with them the
importance of implementing the Bean Validation JSR#303 - - into the Apache Commons
Validator as it is a very crucial feature which can be used on both
the front-end and back-end applications and in both JSE - Java
Standard Edition - and JEE - Java Enterprise Edition.

The plan is to re-write the Apache Commons Validator framework to
follow the standards proposed in JSR#303. For this task and as I
discussed with the Apache Commons Validator team, we agreed to make a
separate project under the name Validator2, and to put that project
under Apache Commons Sandbox repository, till we have a matured
implementation of JSR#303.

To be able to carry on this task I need a write access to the Apache
Commons Sandbox, to create whatever resources and code base.

I have another colleague working for MyFaces - Hazem Saleh - he has a
signed ICLA but doesn't have an Apache Committer account yet. And he
is interested in that project too. I will be responsible for applying
and reviewing his patches to the new source repo.

Currently I am an Apache committer in Apache OpenEJB project - - and my Apache account id is below

  Apache account id : mnour
  Account evidence(s) :

Looking forward your reply.
- Mohammad Nour

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