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From Michael Giles <>
Subject escapeJavaScript and LANG-363
Date Tue, 08 Apr 2008 19:18:12 GMT
Should escapeJavaScript really being escaping forward slashes 
(  I know a user 
reported an issue with this, but the new behavior seems to break all 
sorts of code on my end.  For instance,
if I am passing some text, that contains a URL and might contain quotes, 
into a JavaScript function (e.g. "Go to Steve's page -"), the old code would have escaped the single 
quote and passed the rest through.  The new code mangles the URL by 
making it "Go to Steve\'s page - http:\/\/". That is 
definitely not the desired behavior.  I've never had a problem with /'s 
being passed through.  I believe the case the user is reporting is a 
special case in how IE deals with <script> tags inside of JavaScript.  
Escaping all /'s is not the way to fix that problem.

I believe this change needs to be rolled back.


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