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From sebb <>
Subject [ALL] store dist site copy in SVN?
Date Tue, 10 Jun 2008 01:18:29 GMT
There does not seem to be a backup copy of the various HEADER.html and
README.html files in /

It might be useful to keep track of these in SVN.

The dist site could then be checked out / updated from SVN, as is done
with some other projects, e.g. httpd, jakarta.

Ideally the SVN directory structure should be the same as the dist
directory structure to simplify updates.

At present, KEYS is in /commons/trunks-proper/KEYS.
This might need to be moved, as the dist structure cannot be stored
under trunks-proper.

If this approach is thought useful, I can set up the SVN structure
from the current files in dist.
[And add the exclusions for the archives etc so svn status works OK]

However, I've no idea where it should go in SVN...

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