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From Siegfried Goeschl <>
Subject Resurrecting commons-email - Was:MultiPartMail order of parts
Date Sun, 09 Nov 2008 20:55:44 GMT
Hi Markus,

I opened a JIRA a while ago
( to no avail. So it seems
that commons-email do need some additional attention .... :-).

+) well, during the next 2-3 weeks I try to get my commons-exec release
out of the door (politely spoken the release is overdue)
+) after that I can spend some time on commons-email to fix the most
pressing issues
+) I have an snapshot which does not have the problem and is used in

Any hands out to help with commons-email and become a commons-email

+) looking at the changes report none of the original developers are
around and/or actively working on commons ... :-(
+) as part of Apache Turbine folks I'm attached to this project since it
originated from there ... :-)


Siegfried Goeschl

PS: a bit off-topic, does anyone know what Eric Pugh is currently doing?!

Markus Mehrwald wrote:
> Hello,
> I use a HTMLEmail with attachments. If I only set the text of the mail
> everything works fine but adding attachments messes up the parts and
> something else then my original text (in this case the attached text
> file) is shown in my mail client.
> It makes no difference if I attach files before or after setting the
> mail text.
> Thank you for help,
> Markus
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