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From Paul Libbrecht <>
Subject Re: [all] Marking components as inactive
Date Fri, 07 Nov 2008 15:52:18 GMT

I'm not opposed to such a process for Jelly.

One important point is that migrating from and to N.A.M. is relatively  

What does imply "remove from trunks-proper", just an externals?
If yes I would have no big problem.

Please note that making the docu reasonable is a bit more important  
than retiring for jelly according to my eyes.


Le 07-nov.-08 à 16:28, Henri Yandell a écrit :

> (From the Jelly thread)
> With Jelly as an first use case I'd like to propose a process for
> marking a component as inactive. Said process being:
> 1) Vote on commons-dev. 7 days minimum (though there's no real rush).
> 2) Make inactive:
>  a) remove from trunks-proper
>  b) Update the homepage to say "Not Actively Maintained"
>  c) Update the Commons homepage to put this into a release
> subcategory of "Not Actively Maintained"
>  d) Put said N.A.M. note on the JIRA page.
> This is very close to the process Taglibs have used (with a much
> looser step #1 as we know there are only 4 people there :) ), though
> there they are deprecated rather than not actively maintained.

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