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From Luc Maisonobe <>
Subject Re: [lang] 3.0, what's in; what's out
Date Sat, 14 Mar 2009 12:35:50 GMT
Henri Yandell a écrit :
> Starting up a thread for cleanup discussions on Lang.
> I've removed the enum (was a blocker on JDK 5) and enums (people need
> to use real enums now) packages from Lang's trunk and moved them to a
> lang-backcompat sibling component. I've not made it a branch, it lives
> at the same level as trunk and will need its future to be decided.
> An EnumUtils class has been added to the main lang package.
> I also think the exception package should go. Again - the JDK has
> support for this now and there's no strong value in Lang having an
> alternative to stop people thinking about JDK 1.5. The ExceptionUtils
> class should move up to the main lang package and needs to have the
> Nestable Lang code removed from it. Presumably it still has value.
> Some of the Date code is tempting to delete. Either due to buginess,
> or general 'this isn't that cool' ness.
> JVMRandom should go. I'm not convinced it's had much use.
> IDKey should move to package scoping - I've not seen an argument made
> yet for it being public.
> Fraction is up for debate. Do we cede this to Commons Math. Sure it
> might add another jar to some people's code, but probably good for
> them to be more aware of Math.

There is already a Fraction class in [math]. I'm not sure if it should
be removed from [lang]. If it was put there at the first place, it was
needed by someone. Pushing users towards [math] may be difficult for
such a small class.


> WordUtils and StringEscapeUtils both strike me as 'desirable but
> flawed'. We should consider overhauls.
> The Security requiring stuff in builder for reflection needs to go
> away imo. Makes it less than useful.
> We need a PackageUtils in reflect.
> We need to consider if there are any annotations that are valuable to
> be pseudo-standard.
> I'm still partial to a RegexUtils.
> Plus general generifying, varargs, autoboxing.
> Deletion of all deprecated methods/classes.
> And the various other backwards incompatible changes that people have
> been requesting.
> Hen
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