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From Dan Fabulich <>
Subject [DBUTILS] Version numbering (was: Java version not specified in POM)
Date Sat, 07 Mar 2009 22:45:11 GMT
Good catch.  :-(

Uh, if dbutils 1.1 was compatible with java 1.3, and we want to depend on 
java 1.4 in the next version, do we have to call it "dbutils 2.0"?

I assume not; I think we can still call it "dbutils 1.2" even though we 
depend on java 1.4 now.  Is that OK?

Similarly, could/should we call the java5 version "1.3"?  That would 
certainly save time on branch management...?

sebb wrote:

> The pom.xml does not specify a java source or target version, so
> defaults to 1.3 (from the parent pom)
> As far as I can tell, the component requires at least 1.4 so the POM
> needs to be updated.
> [IMO the compiler settings should never be delegated to the parent POM]

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