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From Dan Fabulich <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release of DbUtils 1.2 RC2
Date Sun, 15 Mar 2009 18:27:44 GMT
sebb wrote:

> OK, I'd not noticed that the class was usable without the DataSource.
> Of course the alternative is to document the class as thread-unsafe...

I would guess that the reason we've never seen a bug filed on this issue 
is that nobody uses setDataSource after the class is created.  For these 
users, QueryRunner is thread-safe.  I think just formalizing that state is 

>>  I would not attempt to synchronize this class, just leave it unsafe and let
>> users synchronize.  We should document more explicitly that (unlike some
>> other classes in DbUtils) it's unsafe.
> I'm not sure that the class can be made thread-safe externally.
> It's easy enough to override the setters with synchronized versions,
> but the getters need to be synchronized as well to ensure that the
> data is published correctly. However the class stores the
> unsynchronized getters in the Map. So it would be necessary to
> override invoke() as well. If this is done, then the whole class has
> been overridden - one might as well say it has been rewritten.

I didn't mean that users would synchronize externally by 
extending/overriding, but just by synchronizing access to an instance 
member, or just not sharing them across threads.  *shrug*


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