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From Christian Grobmeier <>
Subject [compress] Todos before release 1
Date Thu, 12 Mar 2009 06:30:33 GMT
Hi all,

since everybody seems to agree to promoting compress I collected several todos.
I would like to discuss what is necessary for release 1 and what is not.

* Of course administrative stuff: vote compress to proper etc. I don't
have a clue of that currently. Who of you feels responsible for
kicking that off? :-) I don't want to cause any hectic, but I don't
want to see compress sleeping again, sorry for pushing :-)

* Gump: I don't see compress here:
I guess compress should be included like the other components. I think
this should go into Jira?

* Stefan wrote: "I'd love to work on Zip64 support (archiving files >
2GB), but this can wait until 1.1.". Well, prio has allready been
said, but I guess this would fit fine in Jira issue (Medium)

* ChangeSet Support (SANDBOX-183): testcases and such are running. Its
possible to write to Zip files. I would think this could go into a
release, maybe as experimental. Stefan said he would like to see
really stable code. We need to decide if it should dropped in or not.
I guess this would be a modification in the pom.xml, if we decide not
to include this feature. If experimental (would be my choice right
now): is it enough to point this out with javadoc? However in any
case, ChangeSet does resolve now S-183. It could have a follow up (for
example renaming files), but basically i think 183 can be closed, when
tagged as experimental.

* sebb said:"I'd like to see some statements in the Javadoc about the
intended thread safety or otherwise of the classes.". I would think we
should include this as an Jira issue, so it won't get lost. This are
that tasks: check about thread safety, fix thread hostile classes,
document it in javadoc.

* I said:"Improve maven site stuff, which is a bit outdated now." and
Dennis offered his help with maven stuff. I think this should go into

* CPIO implementation needs more testcases. I think this should go into Jira.

Then of coursse we have a lots of issues/bugs.
Policy [1] says: "Make sure that there are no major bugs in JIRA".
This would mean we have to fix at least 9 issues.

Blocker Issues:
SANDBOX-284   	 TarArchiveEntry(File) now crashes on file system roots   	

Major Issues:
SANDBOX-183 	Compress should allow for writing to Zip Files 	
SANDBOX-298 	BZip2CompressorInputStream.reportCRCError() does not
report problems to user
SANDBOX-282 	TAR formaT unspecified 	
SANDBOX-286 	BZip2CompressorInputStream doesn't work if wrapped into
SANDBOX-293 	Make ZiparchiveInputStream support as much of the zip
package as possible
SANDBOX-280 	unable to extract a TAR file that contains an entry which
is 10 GB in size
SANDBOX-176 	Enable creation of tool-readable ZIP archives with file
names containing non-ASCII characters
SANDBOX-296 	Ar doesn't delete correct

Minor Issues: 	
SANDBOX-124 	[compress] bzip2 - implement flush() 	
SANDBOX-297 	AbstractTestCase.createArchive method appears to use
incorrect file size - cut and paste error?
SANDBOX-299 	ArchiveStreamFactory.createArchiveInputStream() &
createArchiveOutputStream() should throw Exception if archiverName is
not recognised
SANDBOX-295 	JarArchiveEntry does not populate manifestAttributes or
SANDBOX-294 	The field is never read locally

I can help with 183, 298, 296, 297, 299, 284. For the other I would
have to look more deeper since I am not an expert in compression
algorithms, but there is a chance that I can help here too.

Maybe we can lower down some prios to medium. I would see SANDBOX-282
as such an issue. Changing to POSIX specs would be good, but this will
be lots of work i think. This can slow down the development of
compress. Related to 282 is SANDBOX-280 (obviously). I would lower
this down in prio too and put it into the next release.



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