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From Christian Grobmeier <>
Subject Re: [compress] Todos before release 1
Date Thu, 12 Mar 2009 10:23:50 GMT

> All committers have write access to Gump data files.
> I can add it.
> It can go into Compress JIRA issue if you want to track it, but AFAIK
> Gump is not required.

not necessary if you keep an eye on it :-)

>>  * ChangeSet Support (SANDBOX-183): testcases and such are running. Its ......
>>  tagged as experimental.
> Do the ChangeSet changes impact on anything else?
> Or are they purely add-ons that can be ignored?

The changes are pure add ons - if you don't want it, you may not use
it. They provide modification functions, if you don't use it users can
program this themself.

>>  * sebb said:"I'd like to see some statements in the Javadoc about the
>>  intended thread safety or otherwise of the classes.". I would think we
>>  should include this as an Jira issue, so it won't get lost. This are
>>  that tasks: check about thread safety, fix thread hostile classes,
>>  document it in javadoc.
> Agree we need JIRA issue.
> But I think the sequence is
> * decide/document thread-safety requirements.
> * fix classes that violate them
> * possibly relax requirements if some classes are difficult/expensive to fix.

I created it as SANDBOX-300.


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