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From Christian Grobmeier <>
Subject Re: [compress] Checkstyle configuration
Date Wed, 25 Mar 2009 10:57:27 GMT
>> Is that because of the checkstyle tool, or because of the rules that
>> have been chosen?
> Not because of these rules. It's the approach.
> I've seen people wasting too much time on this. Builds breaking
> because of wrong coding styles. Terrible!

I thought checkstyle.xml is a commons convention. However, I do net
need such enforced checks in build pom. But I think we should let know
people about the codestyle in this project. This enhances
readabillity. Of course we should enhance our style to the proposed

I was remembering when I was jumping into compress first. I openend
the BZ2 classes and I felt so hopeless... the code was quite cryptic
to me and so different to that style I was used too. If we would have
clean and consistent codestyle, this may help some younger  devs to
jump into the code and maybe even to contribute patches.



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