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Subject Re: [math] Questions on Field
Date Fri, 24 Apr 2009 09:19:12 GMT

----- "Bill Barker" <> a écrit :

> I've been looking over the Field<T> implementations, and it looks like
> it's 
> mostly done except for FieldPolynomial<T>.  I'm not really sure which

SparseFieldMatrix and SparseFieldVector are also missing for now.

> package this should go in, since o.a.c.m.analysis.polynomial seems to
> be 
> about Real polynomials.  Any hints would be appreciated.

I'm not sure either.
I wonder if an algebra package would make sense or not. If so, it could contain the Field
top interfaces as well as field polynomials, Z/pZ, rational functions and BigReal. If such
an algebra were created I think polynomials should be moved there.
Polynomials (and rational functions) are at the boundary between algebra and analysis, at
least when using double coefficients only. When using Field coefficients, they are more algebra-tainted
to me.
What do other people think about this ?

> I could provide implementations for SimplePrimeFieldElement
> (representing 
> Z/pZ), and even SimplePadicFieldElement (with a representation similar
> to 
> double).  Not certain that it is useful for 2.0 without greatly
> delaying the 
> release.  Most algebraist want to use finite extensions as well. 

I would really like to see 2.0 be published as soon as possible, but even my own tasks keep
being delayed (ODE for stiff equations, MATH-172). I would like to target a release near end
of May.


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