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From sebb <>
Subject [COMPRESS] TarUtils - rename of getxxx() methods; TarArchiveEntry StringBuffer=>String
Date Thu, 02 Apr 2009 14:09:12 GMT
I find it confusing to have get() as the inverse to parse() - usually
there are parse() and format() methods.

So I'd like to rename the TarUtils getXXX() methods to formatXXX()
instead, as that is what the methods actually do - they format the
input long or stringbuffer into a byte buffer.

Any objections?

Also, TarArchiveEntry mostly uses StringBuffer rather than String. As
the variables are rarely updated - just written and read - this seems
unnecessary (perhaps wasteful), and does not agree with the way the
other ArchiveEntry classes are implemented.

So I'd like to change these to String instead.
This will change the API for TarUtils.

Any objections?

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