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From Mladen Turk <>
Subject Re: New sandbox project -- Apache Commons (Portable) Runtime
Date Mon, 06 Apr 2009 13:59:23 GMT
Paul Libbrecht wrote:
> This sounds good to me as an initiative.
> I am bit worried with the title apr (or is it acr?) since it overlaps a 
> lot with apache httpd's apr (which is widespread in many distributions 
> as one of the bases of httpd).

I thought the name should be (Apache Commons Runtime).
The short project name is just 'runtime' under commons.

Why runtime?
Eg. JDK comes with Runtime.exec()
However project will allow things like running the process
under different user credentials, getting its pid.
Getting the uid/gid of the running JVM, cpu utilization,
system memory profile, listing process and process modules, etc.
Of course process is just one set of objects.

Majority of those things is already in Tomcat Native, but
no one knows it's there. Everyone thinks its just one
of the Tomcat connectors, while with high level api it
can do great things not possible with java (at least
not without spawning the shell for creating a symlink
for example)

> Wouldn't ajr be better a term since it's about a java binding?
> Is tomcat native something really specific to apache httpd?
> What about aprj or japr then?

The point is that like any commons project the Java
package name carries the project name,
so apache.commons.runtime in this case is the name
that would perfectly contain classes like Cpu
User, Group, Process, ProcesIterator, Memory, NetworkAdapter,
TcpConnetion, Socket, etc.
And even some platfrom specific things like windows.Registry and
Service management classes, to name a few.


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