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From Christian Grobmeier <>
Subject New Sandbox Component Proposal: Commons JSON
Date Thu, 30 Apr 2009 11:10:18 GMT
Dear Commons-Folks,

Yonik Seeley and I propose the creation of a new Sandbox component
within Apache Commons. We would like to name it Commons JSON since it
should deal with everything around JSON.

Yonik did already implement a JSON-Parser in Apache Labs name Noggit:

I have implemented some other JSON-Lib at Google Code:

We would like to join forces since my JSON lib isn't very good at
parsing and Noggit lacks of some classes I created. Here is the
original proposal from Noggit which also fits to JJSON:

There is a need for an "industrial strength" JSON parser for Java with
the following features:

- Streaming API (StAX/pull-parser like) for both easy and efficient parsing
- Conforms to the JSON standard:
- Can adhere strictly to the standard (not a superset like existing
parsers), preferably by default
- Memory efficiency
- incremental parsing (Reader-based) in order to handle huge messages
- a single byte of state needed per nested object or array
- does not read large objects (including primitives) completely into
memory unless asked
- can eliminate most copying, allowing the user to provide the output
buffer for values
- no built in size limits for primitives (less than 2GB)
- can even handle keys of any size in a map
- can handle primitives of *any* size (does not attempt to parse
numerics into a certain language primitives unless asked)
- Fast!

I would like to add:
- no dependencies!
- Creates JSON Strings of Objects and vice versa
- Annotations for creating objects from a JSON string.

We believe that a JSON lib will become attention quickly and hope to
get more developers attracted soon.
Please let us know what you think about it!


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