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From Stephen Colebourne <>
Subject Re: [LANG] Exceptions & Lang 3.0
Date Sun, 19 Jul 2009 18:35:29 GMT
Henri Yandell wrote:
> 1) All the exceptions are in lang.* rather than lang.exception.*. Now
> that the subpackage is pretty empty, it's tempting to move the
> exceptions themselves down there. Given that it's going to be a
> different package (ie: lang3 not lang), this seems doable. Probably
> best to only do it when trunk changes to lang3.

I'd prefer to see the subpackage removed and the exception classes stay put.

> 2) NullArgumentException

I've never quite convinced myself that [lang] can make this exception 
work alone. However, I suspect that some teams will have used it widely 
in their own standards. As such, I'd suggest keeping it in [lang], but 
continuing to not use it - closing LANG-52 as WONTFIX.

> 3) IllegalClassException. I think that, generally, this has been
> replaced by generics. Again my urge is to delete and have the much
> smaller use case of examples simply use IllegalArgumentException.

There are still plenty of places where generics doesn't work (or where 
you need to check for invalid values passed in by raw types.

> 4) IncompleteArgumentException. The same problem of hardcoding text in
> the message. Not feeling like it offers much to the user.
> 5) NotImplementedException does have hardcoded text, but it is in a
> sufficiently optional version of the constructor.

In general, I'd keep these exceptions. But if they are to be removed, 
I'd try and remove all of them.


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