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From Rahul Akolkar <>
Subject [JEXL] Unified syntax and 2.0 release (was: Is JEXL ...)
Date Tue, 14 Jul 2009 15:49:48 GMT
Please change the subject or start a new thread where appropriate.

On Tue, Jul 14, 2009 at 6:49 AM, Henrib<> wrote:
> I've created JEXL-58 to fix some last details and added a Unified EL (ala
> JSP/JSF, supporting immediate/deferred & nested expressions) that "proves"
> the extensibility & should make things easier for those of us dealing with
> the dollar-sharp syntax :-). Christian, Rahul & others, comments/review
> welcome.

This is useful. I'd like to suggest we call the class UnifiedJEXL
(ofcourse, there is no "unification" in JEXL, but I think it will be
unambiguous and still convey the right meaning at the same time --
atleast it does so for me).

At a quick glance, I only have some minor nits with the patch:
 * Some files have whitespace only changes (,
 * I'd avoid changing imports style where not strictly necessary (
 * Some changes WRT throws clauses in signatures (whether thats
strictly necessary)
 * In spirit with surrounding code, braces for ifs

> Are there any bugs/enhancements that should still be tackled before we
> attempt to release 2.0 ?

Ideally, it'd be good to go over everything in JIRA and resolve it
(which doesn't mean fixing everything, could be deferred, won't fixes,
invalids etc.).

> It seems most of the pending issues are covered somehow by the 2.0 codebase;
> anyone using JEXL in -may be- Jelly? / Hive? / Scriptella / Junit- having a
> different point of view?
> What should be the next steps ?

Along the lines of:
 * Triage JIRA, improve test coverage (where needed) -- help is needed
for this step :-)
 * Publish intent to produce v2.0, solicit feedback (such as here)
 * Produce RC when above points are done towards eventual release


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