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From Paul Libbrecht <>
Subject Re: [JELLY] Branch to prepare for JEXL-2.0 enhancements?
Date Wed, 16 Sep 2009 19:06:00 GMT

Some people might even say the whole of Jelly is dormant, and indeed,  
I, as many other jelly committers have been unable to find cycles to  
simply fix the most elementary things such as the wrong "how-to-start".

Maven 2 is not using Jelly, that was one of the reason for them to  
move to maven2, I've been told. Last I tried to bring it back in an m2  
project, I failed to find any possibility to include it.

Jelly is used here and there in not so visible projects... that's my  
blurred estimate. Since jelly is glue oriented, it is typically not so  
visible and could often be replaced by another glue, e.g. groovy,  
beanshell, shell-scripting with some greps and xslt... therefore an  
estimate is real hard to make.

Your approach to only fix jelly-core may be quite good. The solutions  
you'd find might well apply to the other tag-libs...
Challenges of porting to m2 include:
- tag-docs generation (xdoclet under the hood)
- probably some distribution targets (maybe not so bad)
- unit testing of jelly files
- overall web-site generation


Le 16-sept.-09 à 16:21, Henrib a écrit :

> If it is welcome and useful, I'd say it is worth at least a try  
> then. :-)
> I was only considering the JELLY "core" project though; in theory,  
> if the
> API does not change and new behaviors come with new APIs - or through
> options/properties - it should not break compatibility.
> We can even consider the upwards compatibility as a "must have"  
> feature of
> this update if necessary.
> Trying to gage usefulness, are there heavy-weight active projects  
> using
> Jelly ? (is Maven 2 using it?)
> We might also "restrict" the list of sub-projects that would benefit  
> from
> this to-be branch to a subset, those with a still active community  
> and avoid
> spending efforts on "dormant" ones.
> WDYT ?

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