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From Guillaume Déflache <>
Subject Re: [JELLY] Branch to prepare for JEXL-2.0 enhancements?
Date Wed, 14 Oct 2009 15:50:49 GMT
Hi all!

Would you guys consider doing a 1.0.2 release any time soon too?

Paul Libbrecht a écrit :
> Some people might even say the whole of Jelly is dormant, and indeed, I, 

Indeed, before seeing this thread I was about to send a "is-Jelly-dead?" 
probe message instead of this! ;)

> as many other jelly committers have been unable to find cycles to simply 
> fix the most elementary things such as the wrong "how-to-start".

One thing that we would very much like to be in the next point release 
would be the fixes in <> 
that have already been tested and committed in Jelly-core's trunk, but 
never released.
E.g. the "Allow Expressions to throw exceptions" and " Jelly should 
throw an exception if an unknown tag is used in a TagLibrary" 
improvements (resp. <> and 
<>) would also be helpful 
to anyone developing with Jelly IMHO.

Also if going the Java >= 1.5 route you might consider fixing the 
apparently trivial "nested exceptions are displayed incorrectly with 
JellyException" bug (<>).

> Jelly is used here and there in not so visible projects... that's my 
> blurred estimate. Since jelly is glue oriented, it is typically not so 
> visible and could often be replaced by another glue, e.g. groovy, 
> beanshell, shell-scripting with some greps and xslt... therefore an 
> estimate is real hard to make.

For us because of these bugs and some other ones it's becoming more of a 
legacy library (we may try to move on to StringTemplate or even retreat 
to XSLT again), hence the dire need to get at least a more 
maintainer-friendly behaviour.

FYI we only need Java 1.5+ compatibility and reducing dependencies is 
always welcome! :)


P.S.: I initially wrote some blurb about this in 

then in 

without answer: I guess I should have come here in the 1st place, else 
please so tell me/point me to what is deemed appropriate for Commons.

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