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From Ralph Goers <>
Subject Re: [vfs] JDK 1.5
Date Mon, 09 Nov 2009 07:34:08 GMT

On Nov 8, 2009, at 10:24 PM, Jörg Schaible wrote:

> Guys,
> looking at Ralph's comment in
> I am questionning myself, if there's any reason why vfs 2.0 should  
> still
> have JDK 1.4 as requirement and not JDK 1.5. VFS 2.0 will be a major
> release and JDK 1.7 is years away to be used for our conservative
> customers. Although we have still some maintenance support for JDK
> 1.4-based apps, they're phasing out and we will definitely not update
> dependencies with major releases. Therefore I'd rather have a VFS  
> with more
> modern API (generics) in 2.0 than an "old-fashioned" version 2.0  
> based on
> JDK 1.4 especially if the major release means that API changes too  
> much for
> a drop in replacement of 1.1. Thoughts ?

Actually, there was a poll on the dev list in august and no one  
objected to moving to JDK 5.  I have no problem with changing the  
compile and target versions to Java 5 but I would really like to see  
2.0 released asap. I'm already using it in production and from  
comments I've seen I'm pretty sure others are as well. At this point I  
think it would be good to keep the changes on 2.0 to a minimum

I made changes on the VFS281 branch that require Java 5 as the minimum  
version internally but doesn't break compatibility in any other way. I  
haven't merged that to trunk because I asked for feedback and got  
none.  At this point I'm prepared to go out with 2.0 without this and  
then consider adding it to whatever the next release is going to be.

To me, the primary concern is getting 2.0 released and there are still  
a ton of Jira issues, many with patches, that I haven't had a chance  
to look at. I took a stab at applying some easy ones over the last few  
days, but there are some that deal with issues findbugs found that  
probably should be addressed.

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