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From Phil Steitz <>
Subject Re: [dbcp] Callable statement pooling (DBCP-204)
Date Sun, 01 Nov 2009 18:25:05 GMT
Mark Thomas wrote:
> Phil Steitz wrote:
>> I agree that DBCP should support callable statement pooling and the
>> patch attached to DBCP-204 is a reasonable way to do it.  What I am
>> concerned about is that adding callable statements to the prepared
>> statement pool with the current implementation may break some
>> applications by causing them to go beyond MaxPreparedStatements.
>> Unfortunately, the current behavior is to throw SQLException on
>> prepareStatement when this happens.  I see four options.
>> 0) Damn the torpedoes - apply patch as is
> Agree - too risky.
>> 1) Change the prepared statement pool to behave as an LRU cache
> This is looks like the best way to go to me,
>> 2) Stick with KeyedObjectPool implementation, but create and do not
>> pool new statements when the pool is exhausted
> I can think of scenarios where this could negate the benefit of the pooling in
> the first place. 1) seems the better choice.
>> 3) Leave implementation as is but add a new KeyedObjectPool for
>> callable statements
> Strikes me as adding unnecessary complexity.
>> I think 1) is the best option, but it is a significant change in
>> behavior, so should probably wait until 2.0
> I can see where you are coming from but how many folks would actually complain
> that a SQLException wasn't thrown if their code opened too many statements? If
> we can see any scenarios where this would cause problems, then lets wait for
> 2.0. If we can't (and I can't right now), I'd vote for 1.3.

I agree with you.  I had never run into this and was frankly
surprised when I realized that the current impl works this way.  I
guess the documentation for maxOpenPreparedStatements is vague
enough (no mention of SQLExceptions on pool exhaustion) that we
could change the behavior now (in 1.3).

I will create a patch using a LinkedHashMap for the cache and attach
it to DBCP-204.


> Mark
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