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From Dennis Lundberg <>
Subject Re: [dbcp] 1.3 release problems
Date Sun, 22 Nov 2009 19:19:01 GMT
Phil Steitz wrote:
> I am running into some problems preparing for dbcp-1.3.  I would
> appreciate comments / patches on any of the issues below.
> 1. Findbugs is showing some real (inconsistent synch) and not so
> real (e.g. serialization issues on classes that IMO should not be
> serializable, but we can't fix until 2.0).  The full report is here:
> I would appreciate suggestions/patches/commits for what to fix and how.
> 2. We can't compile commons-pool-1.3.jar against JDK 1.6 (JDBC 4)
> and expect it to work for JDK 1.4/1.5 (JDBC 3) clients (at least not
> as the code stands today).  So we need to create two jar artifacts.
>  The question is which one gets the 1.3 name, what is the other
> named and how do we package the distros?

I see two possible naming schemes for this, both of them using
classifiers in the same way that Maven does.

1. commons-pool-1.3-jdk14.jar and commons-pool-1.3-jdk16.jar

2. commons-pool-1.3-jdbc3.jar and commons-pool-1.3-jdbc4.jar

Both of these schemes have a classifier on *both* artifacts. If you want
to eliminate one of the classifiers I'd propose to skip the classifier
on the JDBC 3 artifact, since that is what is currently out there in the
1.2.x versions of commons-dbcp. Then it would be

3. commons-pool-1.3.jar and commons-pool-1.3-jdk16.jar

4. commons-pool-1.3.jar and commons-pool-1.3-jdbc4.jar

> 3. I assume it is OK at this point to drop the nojdbc3 Ant target
> and compiler flags for JDBC 2.
> Phil
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Dennis Lundberg

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