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From henrib <>
Subject [ANNOUNCEMENT] Jexl 2.0 released.
Date Fri, 05 Feb 2010 13:12:36 GMT

The Commons JEXL team is pleased to announce the commons-jexl-2.0 release!

JEXL is an Expression Language supporting most of the constructs in the JSTL
Expression Language,
along with some additional extensions. As a library, it is intended to
facilitate the implementation
of dynamic and scripting features in applications and frameworks.

New Features:

Assignment expression: a = b (and a.b.c = d). Issue: JEXL-27. Thanks to
Weikuo Liaw. 
   * Assigns a variable (ant-like variable or bean-property)

Ternary operator expression: a ? b : c  (and a ?: c). Issue: JEXL-19. Thanks
to Jesse Glick. 
   * The usual inline conditional shortcut and its 'Elvis' form (a ?: b
evaluates as a ? a : b)

Constructor call expression: new('', arguments...)
   * Creates a new instance of a class using the most appropriate
constructor according
     to the actual arguments

Function namespace: ns:func(arguments...) Issue: JEXL-15. Thanks to Paul
   * A function namespace allows the use of class or instance methods in
function calls

   * Adds ${...} and #{...} JSP/EL syntax support on top of the JexlEngine

JSR-223 support. Issue: JEXL-63. Thanks to Sebastian Bazley. 
   * Implement JSR-223 Scripting Engine for JEXL script (need BSF-3.0 on
Java < 6)

Error and exception handling. Issue: JEXL-10, JEXL-11. Thanks to Paul
   * Configuring the leniency and verbosity of the Jexl engine allows user
control over the
     error handling policy
Support Unicode escapes in string literals and quote escaping. Issue:
JEXL-17. Thanks to Nestor Urquiza.
	* 'foo\u0020bar\'quux'
Perl-like regular-expression operators. Issue: JEXL-46. Thanks to Alfred

Fixed Bugs:

* Allow single-line comments with //  Issue: JEXL-47. Thanks to Sebastian
* Comments don't allow double-quotes  Issue: JEXL-44. Thanks to Sebastian
* Call method with varargs  Issue: JEXL-25. Thanks to Marek Lewczuk. 
* BigDecimal values are treated as Long values which results in loss of
precision  Issue: JEXL-32. Thanks to Kedar Dave. 
* Remove unnecessary throws Exception from various classes  Issue: JEXL-33. 
* Div operator does not do integer division  Issue: JEXL-50. Thanks to
Sebastian Bazley. 
* Inconsistent behaviour of arithmetical operations  Issue: JEXL-87. Thanks
to Sebastian Bazley. 
* Operator overloading / hooks on operator processing  Issue: JEXL-21.
Thanks to AC. 

The full list of new features, bug fixes and changes as well as
documentation and examples can be found at the  http:// JEXL site  . 

Have fun!
-Commons JEXL team

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