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From Rahul Akolkar <>
Subject [scxml-eclipse] Commit messages
Date Mon, 17 May 2010 19:24:47 GMT
When checking in code, please include commit messages that describe
the changes. Again, this can be easily fixed by modifying the commit
messages later, and I recommend that we fix the commit messages from
earlier today.

Ideally, large commits are to be avoided (but since you just got
access you clearly have more code available for check in, which is
OK). When large commits happen, there should be a sufficiently large
commit message. For example, this may be considered an acceptable
commit message:

Notice it tries to capture some of the design decisions, actual change
list and pending work items. One thing is does not do is
cross-reference JIRA (since there wasn't a JIRA issue). Since you have
tasks set up in JIRA, please also include the JIRA identifier like so
-- say SCXML-1 fixes foo, a suitable commit message may be:

  SCXML-1 Fixing foo by doing bar and baz

Here is a real example:

The advantage is that the commit will be cross-referenced in the JIRA
subversion commits tab, so for the above example see SCXML-109 (scroll
down for r794503 and r794504 listings in comments):

As a matter of habit, its best not to have empty commit log messages
even when the commit is more or less obvious.

Most commit messages from earlier today basically read "Initial source
code import". It would be awesome if you could change those messages
to be more descriptive and contain a lot more detail about the code
and any design decisions, TODOs etc.

Changing a SVN commit message is quite easy, as its a property of the
revision and can be set using 'svn propset' (one could edit it, but
here we are more or less talking about complete rewrites). As a simple
example, the empty log message for this commit:

may be fixed at the command line as follows:

  svn propset --revprop -r 945158 svn:log "Added directory for Java sources."

Your favorite IDE will also allow you to set the log using whatever
interface it has :-)

I note that the following revisions have no log messages:

  r945158, r945160

The following revisions probably need more elaborate messages
describing the code:

  r945179, r945185, r945186, r945188, r945191, r945193

As you get a chance, please improve the messages for the above
revisions. Thanks.


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