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From Xun Long Gui <>
Subject Re: [scxml-eclipse] Notes on properties, headers and generated code
Date Wed, 19 May 2010 05:12:20 GMT
ok, got it, i will continue my development work

- Gui Xun Long

On 5/19/10, Rahul Akolkar <> wrote:
> Some miscellaneous notes:
> 1) A small number of files don't have svn:eol-style set. This isn't
> surprising given some of the uncommon file extensions that are almost
> guaranteed to not be in the auto-props :-) sebb has a script to
> identify these, maybe at some point he'll kindly run it for us.
> 2) The question of how much generated code needs to be in SVN. We can
> punt on this for now, I'd haven't taken a good look at the code yet.
> 3) Some license headers in the generated code were removed with
> today's package renaming since the code was regenerated, other files
> never had it. Suggestion would be to perhaps wait until things have
> stabilized a bit in SVN and then add all missing headers in one swoop.
> -Rahul
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Best Regards

Gui Xun Long (桂训龙)

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