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From Rahul Akolkar <>
Subject [scxml-eclipse] Package names
Date Mon, 17 May 2010 19:02:28 GMT
The current package names used are:

  - org.apache.commons.scxml
  - org.apache.commons.scxml.diagram
  - org.apache.commons.scxml.edit
  - org.apache.commons.scxml.editor
  - org.apache.commons.scxml.tests

I suggest picking one main package name for your project and adding
all classes and (sub)packages underneath.

Currently, there are additions to the org.apache.commons.scxml
package, but that should really be reserved for the Commons SCXML
library. Indeed, I recommend avoiding using any package names that are
already present in Commons SCXML to avoid any namespace pollution and
potential confusion.

Perhaps we could use the following base package name for your work:


Admittedly, its longer, but I think it namespaces the additions well
and clarifies purpose. I am open to other suggestions for the name.

Effectively, that would mean the source packages above would then be
the following longer variants instead:


Would that be OK with you?

There is no real need for a "tests" package unless its actually a
source package that makes testing easier :-) If thats hard to parse,
see Commons SCXML test package in src/main/java and its purpose.

Again, please do not remove / delete anything from SVN because of what
I say here, we can easily move things around while maintaining history
once we decide on the new package name(s).


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