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From Phil Steitz <>
Subject Re: [all] ApacheCon North America 2010
Date Sat, 17 Jul 2010 18:37:34 GMT
Phil Steitz wrote:
> Phil Steitz wrote:
>> We are in luck!  Our friends in ComCom are creating a "tracklet" for
>> us.  We have three hours to work with, which we can cut up as we
>> wish.  So who wants to volunteer to speak?
>> As I said above, I will volunteer for [math] and/or [dbcp]/[pool]
>> with length "configurable."  I would also be willing to do a short
>> blast on how Commons works (or listen to someone else do that).  I
>> am perfectly happy letting others do any / all of these or using the
>> time for other things altogether.  I like all of the other
>> suggestions above.
>> The conference is 1-5 Nov in Atlanta, GA (US) and there is some
>> registration and lodging assistance available for speakers.  I don't
>> have the exact time of our block, but will share when I have it.  We
>> are likely going to need to get descriptions on the web site pretty
>> soon, so it would be good to agree on the agenda and who is going to
>> speak RSN.  Thanks in advance!
>> Phil
> Thanks, all for the feedback.  As of now, Siegfried and I have
> volunteered to speak.  Any other volunteers?  Any other suggestions
> for content?  So far, here is what we have.  +/- Feedback would be
> great on the items below, as would additional volunteers to speak or
> other ideas for talks.

I need to provide abstracts for the Apachecon web pages in the next
couple of days.  Looks like it's me and Siegfried doing the talking.
 Given that and the feedback so far, I propose that we split the 3
50 min slots as follows:

1) Commons overview (combination of how-it-works, what it is, what's
happening, with brainstorming at end)
2) Component drilldowns:
[email], [exec], [math], [dbcp/pool]

The "component drilldown" sections would be 20 mins each, run as
separate mini-sessions.

If we could get someone to volunteer to present [scxml] as a mini,
we could work it in as well.

Any thoughts on this? Any other components we should be highlighting?

> email*
> exec*
> math*
> dbcp/pool*
> scxml**
> introduction/overview/how-it-works*
> last 12 months
> what's new
> new components brainstorming
> *volunteer to prepare and present available
> **volunteer to prepare available
> Phil

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