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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: [JEXL] Problem Integrating JEXL 1.x Branch and Cocoon 2.2.x
Date Thu, 01 Jul 2010 10:07:51 GMT
Thank you for looking into this Henrib

On 2010-07-01, henrib wrote:

> I've had a quick look at the jexl-1.x source; the VelPropertyGet.isAlive
> method is not called anywhere in jexl's code or tests. Commenting it out
> from the interface does the trick.
> The real problem lies in changing this public interface which could be
> harmful to other projects that may depend on it.

The method has not been part of JEXL 1.1 so anybody who'd depend on the
method must be dependening on a never-released snapshot, right?

> The easiest (obvious) route would be for you to use a locally modified
> / built jexl-1.x snapshot.

Then we could stick with JEXL 1.1 right away.

> We could also create a specific 'gump' branch with that modification
> but this would be really odd process-wise...

And wouldn't make sense to me.

>From a Gump POV if you ever expect to do another JEXL 1.x release we
should keep tracking the branch and help the JEXL and Cocoon devs figure
out which way to go.  If the branch is a dead-end anyway, we can as well
stop tracking it and provide JEXL 1.1 to Cocoon which is known to work.

> A cleaner more future-proof alternative might be to use jexl-2 and the
> jexl-1 compatibility layer which is part of the distribution as source only
> (
> );

OK, I see - I may look into building that inside Gump for starters.

Whether this would be an option for the Cocoon developers (likely only
if there was a binary release of the compatibility layer) is up to them
- I'm just the messenger ;-)


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