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From Xun Long Gui <>
Subject Re: [scxml-eclipse] User guide feedback
Date Thu, 01 Jul 2010 03:21:33 GMT
Hi Rahul,
Thank you for your carefully reiview of the website content.

Yes, if you want to edit homepage content, just do it, it is ok, this
is our project.

And also, i will fix these problems follow your instruction.

-Gui Xun Long

On 7/1/10, Rahul Akolkar <> wrote:
> Long,
> Thanks for updating the [scxml-eclipse] site with the user guide, its
> looks great and is certainly more accessible than before.
> Some feedback:
>  * Do you mind if I make some changes to the second paragraph of the
> home page [1]? I want to correct a couple of typos and its also too
> conversational for my taste. Such a style may work very well for the
> guide and other places, but I think for the home page intro we want
> something slightly more "formal".
>  * The 5 min intro to SCXML [2] should simply link to the Commons
> SCXML page [3] rather than having the same page here for two reasons:
> (a) avoid duplication of content, harder to maintain; and (b) broken
> links, such as "custom actions" at the very end. So, the guide can say
> something like "for a 5 min intro, go to this other site ..."
>  * Remove the "Coming soon ..." sections on the guide page [4]. We
> don't anticipate APIs in the programming sense being important at the
> user level for such tooling. We can add other sections when they
> become available.
>  * At the bottom of the guide pages, the contact is your personal
> address. In general, we want discussions on the mailing list (so all
> project discussions can be followed and archived etc.), so I suggest
> changing to something like "... any questions or suggestions, please
> send to the Commons user or dev mailing list as appropriate." (and
> perhaps link to the mailing list page). Bit of an aside, at Commons,
> we do list project members on the "Team" page.
> -Rahul
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> [4]
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Best Regards

Gui Xun Long (桂训龙)

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